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Upcoming and previous talks


5th October, 2012 - scalecamp, London
I ran a session on scaling the social side of a website, how to manage moderation, spam and building the right functionality for the size of audience you have.
2nd October, 2012 - Ignite Strata + Velocity, London
An ignite talk on human behaviour for data driven sites, virtuous cycles, good behaviour makes for great data. Good data comes from your community, how can they help you to make the data great? Strava, the cycling and running app succeeded, yet GPS cycling apps are a dime a dozen. Studying human behaviour and not focussing on the technology lead them to create a self-reinforcing network effect. This talk will show how granular, re-playable data can be found in unexpected places.
27th April, 2012 - Skillmatter in the brain session, London
Is Everything Social? Gavin will take a brief look at how privacy and competition change social activity, then the rest of the session will activity based. Covering Product design and social object centric design, within a scrum framework, you’ll look at the problems of finding somewhere to live; personal banking; present buying and scientific publishing and try to design good products for these areas.


14th March, 2011 - SXSW, Austin TX
Understanding Humans: New Psychology and the Social Web, a core conversation exploring the potential of post-cognitive theories of psychology and how they can help build the social web.
22-23rd January, 2011 - History Hackday
I'll be attending and hoping to build on the novel context ideas around Victorian literature.


September, 2010 - CIM Ireland BRAND new 2010 conference
A keynote at the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ireland annual conference in Belfast. I'll be talking about the role of the social web for companies and how this changes the relationships they have with their customers.
September, 2010 - Open Tech 2010
Not evenly distributed - A look at what will come after Facebook falls - Distributed, open and social or something else?
7th July, 2010 - MiniBar Workshop
A short talk on product management for web applications. How to get from the idea to something your new community can help you evolve, plus the importance of an API.
19th May, 2010 - UX London Bookclub
Q and A with Peter Morville, Joshua Porter, Karen McGrane and myself on the books we've written
24th March, 2010 - MiniBar Workshop
A short talk on product management for web applications. How to get from the idea to something your new community can help you evolve, plus the importance of an API. Now sold out.
March, 2010 - SXSW 2010, Austin, TX
Do The Right Thing: Building Respectful Software, a conversation on building good social software with the technical editor for my book, Matthew Rothenberg.


October, 2009 - Barcamp London 7
The essence of Building Social Web Applications, a short talk on the nub of my book
September, 2009 - Interesting 2009
I'll talk about the experience of writing my book for O'Reilly.
February, 2009 - O'Reilly Tools of Change
I gave a talk about designing services and not focusing on sales aimed at the publishing industry entitled “The Long Tail Needs Community”. The presentation is on slideshare now.


October, 2008 - Future of Web Apps, London
A talk on interaction design, exploring some ideas on how interaction design and social software might work together better, “To Borg or not to Borg”, there is now a video of the talk available, the slides are on slideshare as usual.
October, 2008 - <head>
I'm speaking about a longer term view on dataportability and identity, entitled “Disintegration of the persistence of identity”. This is a webcast based conference, but I'll be at the London based get together on the Friday.
July, 2008 - Open Tech 2008, London
A short talk entitled Distributed, Federated, Partial, exploring some of the downsides to url / domain centric identity.
May, 2008 - XTech 2008, Dublin
My talk is entitled Data portability for whom? Some psychology behind the tech, it is on the Thursday afternoon. I'm also on the programme committee for XTech again this year.
May, 2008 - Web Seminar for Society of Scholarly Publishing
I'm giving a broad overview of social software at this seminar on the 15th. You need to register for the event.
April, 2008 - Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco 2008
I gave an updated version of the Website Psychology talk I gave at BarcampLondon3.
March, 2008 - SXSWi 2008, Austin, Texas
I spoke on a panel entitled “Green Software, Really?”, following up on the ideas from foocamp from June last year.
February, 2008 - O'Reilly Tools of Change, New York
I gave a talk entitled “From Buyers of Books to a Community of Readers”. I explored how communities and published content can interact successfully, my toc08 slides are on slideshare.
February, 2008 - Social Graph Foo Camp, Sebastopol, CA
I ran a session about the psychology behind persistent identity and learning a lot too.


November, 2007 - BarcampLondon3
I gave a talk about cognitive psychology and how it applies to web development, entitled Website Psychology, the slides are on slideshare.
November, 2007 - Eduserv OpenID event
I spoke on “The changing identity of research”, exploring how researchers and OpenID will interact together.
June, 2007 - foocamp 2007
I ran a session on green code, based on some of the ideas in the green code blog post on
June, 2007 - O'Reilly - Tools of Change for Publishing 2007
I spoke on social software and how it can work for publishers, specifically thinking about books. The presentation is available and it is also on slideshare.
May, 2007 - xtech 07
I gave a talk entitled “What is your provenance?” (2.4MB PDF) I looked at networks of social networks and similar themes.. You can read the abstract of the talk and the full paper on the xtech07 website. Notes on the talk at The Guardian.
I subsequently gave this talk at Google in June, the video of the provenance talk is on google video.
I also gave a lightning talk on the internet time ideas I spoke about at barcamp, I've put together a set of slide in PDF format, (pre)Internet Time.
February, 2007 - BarcampLondon2
I spoke about “Time, History and the Internet” (15MB PDF), I wrote about the presentation on takeoneonion. This was an extended version of the session I ran at eurofoo, but given more as a presentation.


September, 2006 - eurofoo
I gave a session on “preweb data”, as we put our back catalog online we are forgetting about all the context that went with that content when it was originally published.
September, 2006 - RailsConf Europe 2006
Tom Armitage and I gave a talk entitled “Everything's Interconnected: Polymorphism as Design Pattern for Social Software”, which covered the high level parallels between polymorphic association and social network design, there is an MP3 of Tom and I speaking.


July, 2005 - OpenTech
I gave a short talk entitled “Every page tells a story”, which discussed some ideas around how literature can become a social experience and how we can understand the past. has the gist of the Novel Context idea and other thoughts on annotation.
May, 2005 - Xtech05
I spoke about talkeuro, a version of the European Constitution which I made open for annotation. The talk was entitled “Open(ed) data, now what — bringing the European Constitution to the people”. You can read the presentation PDF, or the paper I wrote for the conference proceedings.
March, 2005 - O'Reilly's Emerging Technology conference
Tom Coates, Matt Biddulph and I spoke about “Programme Information Pages: An Architecture for an On-Demand World” based on work at the BBC. The presentation is available.
Mark Simpkins and I gave a talk on “Public Documents as weblogs”, around engaging people with the consultation process.

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