Gavin Bell, digital strategy and product design

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What we do

We help companies form a better understanding of what they can do with the web, from product focused technical consulting to digital and company strategy.

How we work

We start with understanding what you are trying do with your customers and what you want to do next. Modelling the behaviours you are engaging with is part of this first stage. User centered design, but looking at the human aspects of what is happening, rather than a task or transactional approach.

We work on a regular monthly basis with some clients and on a project basis with others. We have a wide network of design and technical experts who can also come in to work on a project. Please do get in touch, via the contact page.

About Gavin Bell

cover of Building Social Web Applications

Gavin works and lives in London. He is married to Lucy, they have two lovely boys and one cat. He likes to cycle. He wrote a book for O'Reilly on creating social software and web applications, entitled Building Social Web Applications, it was published in October 2009. The Amazon US website reviews gives the book five stars, ten times.

He used to work for the Nature Publishing Group, leading the development of social software products, such as Nature Network. Prior to that he worked for the BBC, from 2001 til late 2005, he was a Development Producer and with Tom Coates, Matt Biddulph and others who designed Programme Information Pages, a new system to generate a page for every programme the BBC broadcasts, which underlies iPlayer. He also worked on Location based services for the UK and civic data. Prior to that he ran the Membership Database project which created a foundation for identity within the BBC's internet services. He also worked in BBC iF&L and helped editorial and design people understand technical people and made a lot of content sites, including Walking with Beasts and the Holiday programme.

Before the BBC, he worked in advertising for Publicis, primarily on the Ericsson account, but also working widely on lots of successful pitch work. At Dorling Kindersley he developed multimedia titles, assisted foreign companies in localization of these titles and explored the potential for the DVD as multimedia platform. Four years in academia preceded all of that.

Why 2nd Magpie?

Successful work with clients feels like looking for a moment of joy or happiness. That insight usually leads to a new approach to a problem. So glancing around for the 2nd magpie seemed a close metaphor for this and I see plenty of magpies when cycling in London.

Thanks to John Queen for the magpie.